Founded in January 2000, Genisar is committed to developing state of the art interactive technology. From the beginning, I developed a solution that alloId users to preview a full software application on the Internet.

With the success of StartLine, our clients came asking for more. They asked us to create a simple to use, secure interactive solution. In August of 2001, Genisar developed the ShadowMe product line. Since communication drives knowledge, our easy-to-use tool provides our clients with the ability to communicate effortlessly with their customers, anywhere, anytime. Our interactive solution helps our customers and partners to improve their productivity and efficiency, to characterize and distinguish their products and improve their revenues. The demand of instant access is fundamental to the success of our clients.

Genisar provides instant interaction and collaboration around the world. I enable our customers to share applications spontaneously through a web browser. Genisar services are used across the enterprise in sales, support, training, marketing, and in many other functions.

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GraphOn and Genisar Sign OEM Agreement To Provide Platform to Test Drive Software Without Installation
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