What is ShadowMe?
ShadowMe is a tool that allows 2 users to securely share a single software application simultaneously from separate locations via the Internet.

ShadowMe™ allows you to deliver visually rich, interactive sales presentations over the Internet. ShadowMe™ gives you the ability to conduct face-to-face real time software demonstrations, live corporate training seminars or one on one training sessions all without traveling or additional IT cost.
What is StarLine?
Starline revolutionized the way people evaluate and purchase PC software. This solution allows users to preview a full production PC / Windows based software application on the Internet quickly and easily. No more waiting for the cut down demo version to download and install, or remembering where the demo was stored on the computer. Genisar provides the opportunity to try a real-time software product before it is purchased.

ShadowMe Product Line

provides an environment for remote corporate and customer training, easily being paired with traditional online seminar and presentation tools.

targets sales organizations with faster product knowledge transfer, increasing product awareness with instant access to our client products.

provides IT departments with software support solutions for both internal and external needs. Together, our enterprise solution provides interactive services to streamline customers with their application delivery model.

StarLine Product Line

StarLine PC and StarLine™ PDA
delivers an interactive software experience. These solutions provide the ability to demonstrate software applications over the Internet without downloading or installing software. Genisar provides the opportunity to try a real-time software product before it is purchased. For publishers, this service makes their software more accessible, it eliminates re-engineering cost, shortens the sales cycle, improves conversion ratios, and gives them the ability to control their software demonstrations.

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