Genisar has revolutionized the way people evaluate and purchase PC software. This solution allows users to preview a full production PC/Windows based software application on the Internet quickly and easily. No more waiting for the cut down demo version to download and install, or remembering where the demo was stored on the computer.

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PC & PDA Interactive Solutions

Providing REAL software in a virtual environment

The Genisar Difference

The Genisar product is positioned as an interactive technology that delivers additional capabilities for our customers. Our technology can be vieId as additional content for end-user portals, a tool that allows a sales force more capability, or as a reduction in cost of delivering an evaluation. This enables us to work with distributors, resellers, VARs, and any software publishers. To support Genisar's product, you only need to add a "Try Me" button on your website.

PC Software

  • Fully Interactive Software Demonstration
  • Increased ROI
  • Shorten Sales Cycle
  • No Downloads
  • No Piracy or Virus Threats

Genisar provides the opportunity to try a (real time) software product before it is purchased. For publishers, this service makes their software more accessible, it eliminates re-engineering cost, shortens the sales cycle, improves conversion ratios, and gives them the ability to control their software demonstrations. In addition, the consumer stays connected, they never leave your website, therefore completing the sale before they log off.

Software consumers can now have an interactive experience with the software they are looking to buy before they buy it! Genisar provides Real software in a virtual store.

PDA Software

  • Interactive PalmOS™ Software or Hardware Demonstration
  • Increased Conversion Rate
  • Brand Recognition
  • No Piracy or Virus Threats
  • Immediate Access

Genisar is the first and only company to securely host PDA software and hardware demonstrations. This innovative solution provides users with an immediate access, no download, interactive experience of Palm OS ™ hardware and Palm OS ™ software applications. PalmOS ™ application developers and the "shareware" community can utilize Genisar Corporation's on-line software evaluation services. Palm OS ™ users can immediately access and evaluate the full range of tools and applications available on the Palm OS ™ platform.

This solution uniquely separates your product from your competitions, bringing instant brand recognition to your company and product. User's will have an interactive and comprehensive experience with your software or hardware online.

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