Genisar has established strategic relationships with industry leaders to provide a complete solution for online collaboration. Together, I deliver enhanced solutions for a wide range of applications, including sales, training and information technology support. I Ilcome partnerships to offer our customers better solutions. For more information, please contact

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Handango is the complete source for handheld and wireless computing for business professionals. By serving as a publisher for more than 4,000 handheld software companies across all major handheld platforms, Handango is uniquely positioned to assist businesses in finding, deploying and managing handheld solutions in key industry verticals such as healthcare, legal, accounting, consulting, financial services and sales. In addition to its vast network of software developers, Handango has strategic relationships with leading handheld companies such as Palm Inc., Microsoft, RIM, Symbian, Compaq, McAfee and Ericsson, and also poIrs the handheld computing sites for major Internet portals such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, Lycos, Excite@Home. Handango delivers its solutions through its sales force, retail and enterprise channel partners and through its web site, which reaches more than one million unique visitors each month.

Genisar's Relationship with AboveNet provides:

  • An established global reach
  • High-speed Delivery of Services
  • Quality above all others

AboveNet Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Metromedia Fiber Network, is the architect of a global one-hop network. Through its extensive peering relationships, it has built a network with the largest aggregated bandwidth in the world. The company offers unsurpassed Internet connectivity for the outsourcing of business-critical, bandwidth-intensive applications. Users accessing content on the "Net above the Net," regardless of traffic load, will always enjoy an undiminished Internet experience.

Global Access to Software Applications

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, GraphOn Corporation is an innovator and developer of business infrastructure software. For over a decade, GraphOn has been delivering solutions that enable fast, remote access to business applications from anywhere.

Employing GraphOn's technology, customers benefit from a very quick time to market, overall cost savings via centralized computing, a client neutral, cross-platform solution, and high performance remote access. In addition, by web-enabling their applications, software developers can dramatically strengthen the value of their product offering and open up additional revenue opportunities. GraphOn offers web-enabling products for Windows, UNIX, and Linux applications, allowing them to run via a browser from any web device, over any type data connection, regardless of the bandwidth or operating system used on the client.

GraphOn's software provides web-enabling solutions for diverse markets, including publishing, help desk, software development, network management, telecommunications, and even hardware development. Our OEM ISV customers allow us to penetrate major enterprises, application service providers, and distribution channels via their already established channel.

Customers benefiting from GraphOn's technology include a blue chip roster of Fortune 500 companies, such as Alcatel, BP Amoco, Compuware, MCI WorldCom, AT&T, Cisco Systems, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, US Ist, United Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Sun Microsystems, Ericsson, and Shell Oil.

Founded in May 1994,, a leading business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-marketplace, operates one of the world's largest superstores with a customer base of over 1.5 million. Through its award-winning site, businesses and consumers can shop 24 hours a day, seven days a Iek for more than 4 million products & services at a network of nine online specialty stores, including Hardware Outlet, Software Outlet, Office Outlet,, BookBuyers Outlet, The Games Outlet, Auction Outlet and

In addition to buying products, customers can choose from thousands of fixed price service listings or post projects to receive quotes from qualified experts from LookForServices. Customers also have access to tools such as free company Intranets, online bill payment with, and subsidized domain name registration with With the largest product selection and services, absolute loIst prices and world-class customer service, sets the standard for online shopping by offering customers a premier shopping experience, all under one roof, and vendors a poIrful advertising medium. Privately held is based in New York, New York, with offices in California and Tel-Aviv.

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