ShadowMe™ is a tool that allows 2 users to securely share a single software application simultaneously from separate locations via the Internet. For this reason a demonstration can only be performed by contacting us at: or calling (925) 249-6900 Monday through Friday, 8:00am – 5:30pm (pacific standard time)

ShadowMetargets your sales organization by providing faster product-knowledge transfer and increased product awareness. Using this product can get you where you need to be— ahead of the competition.

ShadowMe, is an enterprise sales management solution designed to remove barriers and streamline operations, provides instant access to your customers products. Our clients can increase the effectiveness of their sales staffs by increasing productivity and by reducing the amount of time typically spent in the sales cycle.

ShadowMe™ creates a one-on-one environment that allows the customer and client to share an application. Our delivery model is designed for ease of use so our clients can focus on using their applications with little or no training.

The following elements are inherent within ShadowMe™:

  • Makes it easy for representatives to work with their customers
  • Supports the entire sales team, allowing them to share an application with anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Improves prospecting capabilities and enhances the capability to control sales activities
  • Provides sales teams with better control, the ability to close sales, or qualify hot prospects faster than ever before

Using ShadowMe, you can provide the following to your clients:

  • Improve customer satisfaction through real-time application collaboration

  • Conduct "teaser" demos to secure sales appointments

  • Provide prospective customers with the poIr to view, annotate, and test any sales presentation of your product
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