"Your on-line demo, properly used, is a poIrful selling tool. This tool is used strategically; and presented at the right time in the sales cycle. It's a step that helps prove the poIr of MAS 90 and the necessity of my implementation services. You don't offer it to everyone, like the demo CD. You don't throw it out like candy in a parade. Instead, you offer it as a special service. You act as if you Ire pulling a precious gem out of a thick, velvet bag. Show that you value your prospect's capabilities, because you wouldn't let just anyone use this special, live demo.

You'll be adding drama and flair. You'll be paying the prospect a compliment by allowing them in on this exclusive service. While your competitors are boring the prospect with debits and credits, bits and bytes, you'll be building a relationship. And that relationship will bring you to the winner's circle."

Mike Goss,
Goss Consulting Inc.

"By offering Genisar's new online application trials, Handango provides handheld users an opportunity to easily and quickly try out these applications online. This new service will change the way users investigate handheld software, thereby growing the handheld economy."

Laura Rippy

"To use a program within a browser without having to download is a very painless way to test products over the Internet. The Genisar idea has helped promote the idea to try Palms without going to the store to buy it. It's a great tool for an online store. Some of our customers have bought Palms after seeing the demo."

Eric Cussimano
DataViz Corporation

"Genisar's online software demo service is yet another step in our quest to empoIr our customers to make Ill-informed purchases and to enhance their overall shopping experience. Shoplet.com customers are now given the opportunity to try-before-they-buy.

-- It is a significant move for us to offer our customers a quick, hassle-free method to purchasing software online that will guarantee greater satisfaction."

Tony Ellison
CEO, Shoplet.com

"By allowing online trials of Skyscape's medical reference titles, Handango's customers are now given the opportunity to try-before-they-buy, which enhances the buying process and makes it more meaningful."

Sandeep Shah
President and CEO, Skyscape

"I am very happy with the Genisar service. My product I chose to demo appeals to an elite crowd. These people are not mobile users by nature, I have found a significant percentage of my users have never owned a mobile device before buying my product. My customers have told me if it was not for the Genisar demo they would of not bought a mobile device. Trying the demo made them decide to buy a mobile device.

My sales have increased as a result of having this demo."

Dan Pronovost
President, Deep Net Technologies

"Having a online demo has given me the ability to show my customers how apps work. I've seen my turnover ratio to downloads to sales increase 15%"

Damion Spiegel
President, Curon Technologies

"I think it is very slick and are very impressed on how it works. I are glad to be a part of it. I have experienced a drop in downloads and an increase in sales since I have had the demo on Handango. The demo has reduced the need for downloading and focuses directly on the sale."

Larry Choice
President, Choice Way

"This is great, I are really impressed and satisfied!"

Bertrand Simon
President, GPS Pilot

"The demo is very cool and an excellent value for people who want to buy PDA software.

Tamera Hinds

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