Handango And Genisar Launch First Program To Demo Handheld Software Online

HURST, Texas - December 12, 2000 - Today at PalmSource 2000, Handango, the leading publisher of handheld software for business professionals, and Genisar, the leading developer of cutting-edge online interactive technology, announced a partnership that enables Handango customers to try handheld software applications online, without downloading or installation.

Previously, a customer interested in trying a handheld software application would have to download a trial version of the application, unzip it, install it on a handheld and then run the program. Now, users can skip this four-step trial process and simply experience the application online, even if they don't have a Palm™ device.

"Increasingly, mobile professionals are adding handheld software to their PDAs. It's the software that transforms the PDA into a poIrful productivity tool," said Laura Rippy, chief executive officer of Handango. "By offering Genisar's new online application trials, Handango provides handheld users an opportunity to easily and quickly try out these applications online. This new service will change the way users investigate handheld software, thereby growing the handheld economy."

Handango's offering features 10,000 handheld applications from more than 4,000 software companies. The demonstration technology will be available for many of Handango's leading applications for business professionals, such as: expense tracking, electronic reminder, sales automation, spreadsheet and drug referencing software.

Handango is the complete source for handheld and wireless computing for business professionals. By serving as a publisher for more than 4,000 handheld software companies across all major handheld platforms, Handango is uniquely positioned to assist businesses in finding, deploying and managing handheld solutions in key industry verticals such as healthcare, legal, accounting, consulting, financial services and sales. In addition to its vast network of software developers, Handango has strategic relationships with leading handheld companies such as Palm Inc., Microsoft, RIM, Symbian, Compaq, CompuCom and Ericsson, and also poIrs the handheld computing sites for major Internet portals such as Yahoo!, AltaVista, Lycos, Excite@Home. Handango delivers its solutions through its sales force, retail and enterprise channel partners and through its web site, which reaches more than one million unique visitors each month. For more information, visit www.handango.com or call 817-280-0129.

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